Rev.Fr. C.A.Browne (1946-1948):

Rev. Fr. C. A. Browne, the quintessential Englishman whose genial countenance belied his diligence, was handpicked to be the first principal by Bishop Feuga who wanted only the best for the college he had founded.  Fr. C. A. Browne came armed with the vast experience of having worked with well-established institutions such as St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore, St. Joseph’s European High School and St. Joseph’s Indian High School. He understood that people would have to be the foundation for the new college so he focused on attracting and supporting curious and innovative faculty. He recruited a fine team of teachers for the college and worked his magic on them, inspiring them with his long-range vision so that most of them continued on the staff and served the college with dedication till their retirement.  Fr. Browne and his selfless band of workers justified the Bishop’s confidence in them when the first batch of students graduated with honors.  Fr. Browne nurtured the college through its fledgling years and, many years later would say with absolute sincerity, that when he died the name of St. Philomena’s College would be found inscribed on his heart.

 Chevalier C.J.Varkey(1948-1951)

Fr. C. A. Browne was succeeded by Chevalier C.J.Varkey, an outstanding scholar and historian, who had served as Minister of Education in the Madras Presidency when the renowned freedom fighter C. Rajagopalachari was Chief Minister. He was an advisor and friend to B. L. Manjunath, the then Vice Chancellor of Mysore University.  When Chevalier C.J.Varkey left the college in 1951, thanks to his hard work and vision St. Philomena’s College was already recognized as a premier educational institution in the Old Mysore State. 

The college achieved a purposeful impact on the wider society under the stewardship of Chevalier C.J.Varkey. It was during his term that the foundations for the diverse community of faculty, students and staff which is the college’s hallmark, were laid.

Rev. Dr.J.B.Freeman (1951-1952)

The torch thus lit passed on, for a brief while, to Rev. Dr. J.B. Freeman, a consummate scholar in multiple disciplines. Astronomer, Physicist and Mathematician, Fr. Freeman was, in addition, a great humanist who translated genuine concern for the well-being of staff and students into practical measures such as providing fans for staff rooms and equipment for the laboratories.  During Fr. Freeman’s short tenure, this nascent institution received considerable impetus for growth.

Rev.Fr. Audiau (1952-1960)

Rev. Fr. Audiau was a member of the core team which was responsible for the establishment of St. Philomena’s College.  Long before he took charge as Principal in 1952, this congenial Frenchman was admired for his joie de vivre.  The immense popularity he enjoyed in the city of Mysore led to his election to the Municipal Council here.  Fr. Audiau was soon deeply immersed in college life, encouraging students to display their talents and express themselves in the mother tongue.  He took pride in celebrating the diversity of the college population, with students hailing not only from different parts of the country but from neighboring countries as well.  It was during the tenure of Rev.Fr. Leslie Moras that Fr. Audiau made the sentimental journey back home to St. Philomena’s. Fr. Audiau was then in his nineties but the twinkle in his eyes was undiminished.

Rev.Fr.N.T.Thomas (1960-1966)

Rev.Fr. N. T. Thomas took over as the fifth principal in 1960 and provided an able administration for six years.  Fr. Thomas was the first former student of the college to take over the reins as Principal.  Simple, humble and lovable, Fr. Thomas served the college and the Economics Department with distinction.  His passion for his subject and lively teaching methods encouraged students to opt for Economics as a part of their B.A. Degree Course. Sadly, Fr. Thomas’ spirited efforts towards the all-round development of the college were cut short by a fatal car accident in 1966

Rev.Fr. A. Fleury (1966-1971)

Following the sudden loss of Fr. N.T. Thomas, his Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. A. Fleury, was called upon to fill the chair. Fr. Fleury, an M.A. in English from Cambridge University, headed the Department of English and was held in high esteem by literary circles in Mysore. He was indefatigable, doubling as the college Librarian in addition to discharging his teaching and administrative duties most efficiently. Pitch forked into assuming charge in troubled waters, Fr. Fleury is remembered for having steadied the ship and given the college stability and strong leadership till 1971, when he superannuated.

Rev.Fr. Frank D’Souza (1971-1977)

1971 saw the infusion of a good measure of military-like discipline when Rev.Fr. Frank D’Souza, who was Vice-Principal during Fr. Fleury’s time, took over. Fr. Frank D’Souza was then Head of the Department of Chemistry and warden of the Boy’s Hostel. He was a hard task master who did not hesitate to speak his mind in simple, direct terms.  But he was also kind-hearted and impartial and completely devoted to his charge. The college was fortunate to have had such a remarkable personality at the helm in 1971 when its Silver Jubilee was celebrated.

Rev.Fr. Thomas Vazhapilly (1977-1979)

When Rev. Fr. Thomas Vazhapilly took over from Rev. Fr. Frank D’Souza in September 1977, he was Head of the Department of Botany and Warden of the Boy’s Hostel.The college was going through hard times financially and Fr. Thomas Vazhapilly worked very hard to conserve resources and improve matters. In 1979, the former Archbishop of Bangalore His Eminence Cardinal Lourdaswamy who was Secretary of the Congregation for the Propagation of Faith in Rome, blessed the foundation stone for the library block.  In 1979, Fr. Vazhapilly suffered a stroke and was called to his eternal rest on 17 October 1979.

Rev.Fr.ThomasEzhanikat (1979-80)

Rev. Fr. Thomas Ezhanikat, from the Department of Physics, was called upon to fill the vacuum created by the sudden and untimely death of Fr. Thomas Vazhapilly. His short tenure was remarkable for the attention he gave to the college laboratories which received some much needed equipment during his time.  To fulfill a long-standing need of his own department, Fr. Thomas Ezhanikat arranged to have all practical manuals for Physics cyclostyled. He was a dedicated priest, a good teacher especially in the practical classes, and an able administrator.  He was soft spoken by nature and won the hearts of his colleagues within the short span of his tenure.

Rev.Fr. Valerian D’Souza (1980-1992)

Rev. Fr. Valerian D’Souza served the college as the tenth principal for twelve long years.  Fr. D’Souza was a learned man with Master’s Degrees in Kannada, English and Communication and Journalism. He helmed the Department of Kannada in addition to taking classes for English Literature students. He was a good teacher who captivated his students, a caring principal and above all a humane administrator. Every week, Fr. D’Souza wrote a chatty letter called “Princi’s Platitudes” offering stray thoughts on men and matters on events of current interest as well as snippets from both Indian and foreign magazines. He encouraged the students to manage conflict through dialogue and to avoid confrontation.  He was a versatile administrator who loved Nature, and spared no effort to beautify the campus. A visitor to the college is impressed by the row of tall Ashoka trees lining the road inside the campus, Fr. Valerian’s presence will be felt for as long as these trees remain. 

Rev.Fr. Leslie Moras (1992-2015)

Rev. Fr. Leslie Moras was the eleventh Principal of St. Philomena’s and the longest serving with a tenure that lasted for 23 years and continued for two more when he was appointed Rector of the College. 

Fr. Leslie Moras was a visionary who ushered in an extraordinary era of infrastructural and academic growth. A lifelong student of English Literature, Fr. Moras brought a fine aesthetic sense to everything he touched and completely transformed the campus landscape.

He took up on a priority basis, the construction of a compound wall to secure the enormous campus.  To the existing Library Block, he added three new floors and also built a five-storied Ladies Hostel named SnehaNilaya.  The imposing and independent Post Graduate Studies and Research Centre with thirteen PG departments which also houses a state of the art audio-video studio, was another achievement of Fr. Moras.

Fr. Leslie Moras built an outdoor stadium and constructed a majestic multi-purpose indoor stadium with all modern amenities with a seating capacity of 1500. An off-beat canteen nestles among the lovely green trees overlooking the lush green lawns was a golden jubilee addition to the campus.  The statue of St. Philomena on a pedestal in the middle of a beautiful fountain amplifies the beauty of the surroundings. 

Gifted with the proverbial green thumb, Fr. Leslie Moras planted ample number of trees and flowering shrubs to heighten the green ambience of the campus and also added a green house and medicinal plant garden beside the auditorium.  The most prized addition to the college is a beautiful octagonal chapel built in memory of the late Bishop Rene Feuga.

On the academic front, Fr. Leslie Moras started a number of new courses such as BSW, BBM, BCA, BTHM, B.VOC at the UG level and 13 PG courses besides a wide variety of subjects like Journalism, Psychology, Functional English, Criminology, Computer Science, Bio-Chemistry, Bio-technology, Micro-Biology, Food Sciences and Nutrition, Life Skills, Inter Religious Dialogue and  Alternate English, which are being taught in the college today,

 Correspondingly the student strength grew exponentially to include international students from 33 countries and 19 states of India.  The college reached several milestones during his tenure, The NAAC accredited the college with ‘A+’ (2004) and awarded an ‘A’ (2014) with a 3.58 CGPA on a four point scale. The college was first recognized by UGC as a “College with Potential for Excellence” and was later designated as a “College of Excellence” (1 April 2015.). The UGC granted Autonomy to the College in 2011.

Fr. Moras has had the rare honor of being a student in the college during its Silver Jubilee and as Principal, of organizing the Golden Jubilee and Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the college as well the Golden and Diamond Jubilees of the Alumni Association, the oldest Alumni Association in the city of Mysore.  He continues to serve the Mysore Dioceses a the Episcopal Vicar for Education and Health Services and is a valued member of many administrative bodies of the diocese.

In University of Mysore circles, at the all India level as well as in International fora, Fr. Moras has commanded respect. He was a member of the Mysore University Board of Studies in English, Academic Council, Senate and the Syndicate. He served as the President of All India Association of Christian Higher Education (AIACHE) in India (2012-15) and Vice-President and later the President of the Xavier Board of Higher Education in India (2013-19). He also participated in the Triennial conferences of International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) in Melbourne and Maynooth (Ireland) and also the IFCU Board at Rasif in Brazil.

When Fr. Leslie Moras left St. Philomena’s College in 2017, having been a presence on the campus for 35 years, St. Philomena’s College was at its peak of its achievement.

Mr.M.Krishnegowda (2015-2017)

Mr. M. Krishnegowda succeeded Fr. Leslie Moras becoming the twelfth Principal on 1 June 2015, a layman after almost 50 years.   He was a very effective and popular teacher, well loved by the members of the staff both teaching and non-teaching.  An accomplished and talented artiste, a poet, world renowned humorist, a prolific writer and singer, he  has travelled the length and breadth of the world popularizing Kannada Literature, Language and Culture.  He was also deputed by the State Government as the Chief Coordinator of Mysore District for Total Literacy Program during 1996-1997.  As an academician, he has inspired his students with his teaching and oratory skills. During his tenure he was able to secure some B.Voc courses and substantial grants from UGC.

Mr. Krishnegowda with his ready smile and a pleasing personality was a friend to all.  Once a well-wisher asked him, how does he energize himself, pat came his reply, ”I go to St. Philomena’s college” which speaks volumes about his love and affection for this institution.

Dr. Ruth Shantha Kumari T (2017-2021)

Dr. Ruth Shantha Kumari T rendered her valuable service as the principal of the institution from March 2017 to April 2021. She was a dedicated faculty in the Department of Zoology since July 1993 and was a popular teacher with her students. She focused on prioritising the vision and future prospects of the institution to achieve the highly coveted excellence in education. Her efforts towards involving all the stakeholders in various aspects of the teaching-learning-evaluation proved effective in the uplift of the institution in all the domains. Her leadership during the third cycle of assessment and accreditation from NAAC in 2019 was commendable. During her stewardship, the institution received the recognition as a Research Centre under the University of Mysore.

Dr. Ruth Shantha Kumari T was driven towards technological progress and was proactive in implementing best pedagogical practices. In the midst of the pandemic, the college had swiftly adopted the online system of teaching and evaluation. She carried out three research projects in Zoology with grants from DST and CSIR. Her commitment and dedication to the cause of environment conservation facilitated many awareness programs and led to the creation of a butterfly garden in the campus. She holds the credit of being the first lady principal of the institution and her contributions as an educational leader and motivator is worth emulating.

Dr. Alphonsus D’souza (2021-2022)

Dr. Alphonsus D’souza has guided the journey of St. Philomena’s College as the
Principal of the institution from April 2021 to March 2022. He believed in an open, decentralized style of functioning. He is a dedicated faculty in the department of Chemistry since 1988 and is a popular teacher with his students, also an active researcher with 20 publications.

Dr. Alphonsus D’souza was committed to charting a new chapter in the growth of the institution even at the tough times of pandemic. NEP was implemented during his time of administration which was another arduous challenge. The 75th Platinum Jubilee of St.Philomena’s Educational Institutions was splendidly inaugurated during his tenure. As an active researcher, he holds 2 patents as on 27-7-2021 and 11-5-2022, and is continuing to inspire students and faculty members through his teaching and research work, as a research co-ordinator. At present he is working in the department of Chemistry as an Associate Professor and is also the Co-ordinator of Unified University and College Management System (UUCMS) an exclusive portal dedicated to New Eduction Policy-2020 (NEP) students.