Boys Hostel

The hostel is as old as the college. It provides a decent stay and the best possible pleasant learning environment for developing qualities such as comradeship and responsibility, a sense of belonging and togetherness and to imbibe the value of sharing and caring for one another. The stay in the hostel gives a sense of fraternity amongst the students. The hostel helps optimum utilization of students’ time for their overall personality development.

Hostel amenities

  1. Dining facilities that offer fresh, healthy and nutritious food prepared in a hygienic place.
  2. Common room with TV and a reading room with a collection of national/international newspapers, magazines, etc.
  3. Students have a well – placed schedule which has allocated time for self-study, games, recreation and rest.
  4. TV rooms, reading lounge, pool tables and separate space for study is provided.
  5. Keeping in view the mental and physical growth of the students, the hostel is well-equipped  for indoor as well as outdoor games. The students are encouraged to use the gymnasium.
  6. Stationery Stores.
  7. Nationalized Bank and ATM center.
  8. Social & cultural activities during festivals and other occasions.
  9. The students of the hostel have access to the telephone through the warden. The parents can communicate with the students over telephone through the hostel office.
  10. The students’ well-being is looked after by a team of dedicated house staff.
  11. Constant care and guidance are given by a senior teacher as the resident warden.