St. Philomena’s Degree College (Autonomous) Mysore is committed in fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment for all its students. In pursuit of this commitment, the college has established an Anti-Ragging Committee to ensure the well-being of students and to create a campus culture that promotes respect, tolerance, and camaraderie.

The primary objectives of the Anti-Ragging Committee at St. Philomena’s Degree College (Autonomous) Mysore are:

  • Prevention of Ragging: To create awareness and prevent incidents of ragging within the campus.
  • Education and Sensitization: To educate students about the consequences of ragging and sensitize them to the impact it can have on victims.
  • Prompt Action: To promptly address any reported cases of ragging and take appropriate action against the perpetrators.

The Anti-Ragging Committee performs the following functions:

  • Orientation Programs: Conducting orientation programs at the beginning of each academic year to educate students about the college’s policies on ragging.
  • Awareness Campaigns: Organizing awareness campaigns throughout the year to emphasize the importance of maintaining a ragging-free environment.
  • Grievance Redressal: Providing a platform for students to report incidents of ragging and ensuring that prompt and appropriate action is taken.
  • Counselling and Support: Offering support and counselling services to victims of ragging and taking steps to rehabilitate them.
  • Regular Monitoring: Regularly monitoring different areas of the campus, especially during the initial days of the academic year, to prevent any potential incidents of ragging.
  • Action Against Offenders: The Anti-Ragging Committee is empowered to take strict disciplinary action against any individual or group found guilty of ragging, in accordance with the college’s policies and the laws of the land.

The Anti-Ragging Committee at St. Philomena’s Degree College (Autonomous) Mysore plays a pivotal role in creating a safe and nurturing environment for all students. By fostering a culture of respect and empathy, the committee contributes to the overall well-being and academic success of our students. We encourage everyone in the college community to actively support and participate in maintaining a ragging-free campus.


Sl. NoNameDesignationRole
1Panchama S NAsst. Prof Dept. of Political ScienceCoordinator
2Mr. Babu PAsst. Prof Dept. of MalayalamMember
3Ms. Supritha RAsst. Prof Dept. of CommerceMember
4Ms. HarinakshiAsst. Prof Dept. of Computer scienceMember
5Mr. Johnson Arul RajAsst. Prof Dept. of EnglishMember
6Mr. RavirajAsst. Prof Dept. ofB.vocMember
7Ms. Rini BrownAsst. Prof Dept. of BBA-THMember
8Mr. Mathew CAsst. Prof Dept. of BSWMember
9Ms. Lima JasmineAsst. Prof Dept. of BotanyMember
10Mr. Jeevith NewmanAsst. Prof Dept. of MathematicsMember
11Ms. Suhan PoovaiahAsst. Prof PG Dept. of EnglishMember
12Mr. PuneethAsst. Prof PG Dept. of MathematicsMember
13Mr. Francis Devasahayam BAsst. Prof Dept. of Criminology and Forensic ScienceMember
14Bro. Dolphy D’MelloWarden, Boys HostelMember
15Ms. Peria NayagammalWarden, Girls HostelMember
16Police InspectorN R Police stationMember
17Mr. PonnappaLawyerMember
18Dr. Javed NayeemAlumnusMember