Mentoring System for the holistic development of the students 

Best Practice 1

1. Title of the Practice: Mentoring System for the holistic development of the students

2. Objectives of the Practice: 

  • The Vision and Mission of the St. Philomena’s College reiterates the holistic development of the students culminating values and educational excellence.
  • To accomplish this objective, the institution has implemented exuberant Mentoring System to make the educational system as student centric.
  • To provide multidimensional academic platform for the students to take the assistance of their concerned mentors.
  • To manifest the students as fascinated personalities amalgamated with educational and cultural excellence.

3. Context 

Contemporary educational temperaments immaculate various and drastic metamorphosis in the educational progress and students are expected to go through interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and competence based educational epoch. Other than educational manifestation, students are completely captivated with social media revolution. These changes in the contemporary epoch creates ambiguity among students, in order to build educational and emotional academic bridge, institution implemented the mentoring system to assist the students in many avenues. The institution effectively imbibed the essence of education and created Mentoring System. All the faculty members are responsible of 30 specified students of particular class to take care of academic oriented issues.

Mentoring System is effectively works and creates good rapport between teachers and students. The system not only assisted the academic and administrative fulfilment but also emotional and psychological correlational among faculty members and students.  Being the threshold institution of Platinum Jubilee celebration with various departments and course structure, Mentoring System illustrates effective academic engagement of faculty members and students. As stake holders of the institution, students are motivated to amalgamate holistic development in their academic saga. 


  • Assisted the academic and administrative responsibilities to be accomplished in an exuberant manner. 
  • Any institution grows and accomplishes the educational milestone when the students reach different heights including academics, sports, and cultural victorious destiny. The Mentoring System helped the institution to earmark this accomplishment. 
  • Helped to resolve ambiguity among students relational to higher educational changes like New Education Policy, UGC Guidelines and career oriented guidance.
  • The practice has improved the students’ academic performance and education outcome.

4. The Practice 

Our institution promotes various programmes like experiential learning activity, extension activity, collaboration activities with other educational institution and industry to assist students’ overall development and help them to prepare with dynamic and competent educational world. In this view mentoring system is the unique practice of the institution to meet the requirement of the students to be excelled. 

Regular staff meeting and academic meetings were instrumental to discuss and witness the achieved outcomes of the said practice.

5. Evidence of Success

  • Students’ academic, cultural and sports performances are drastically prone to positive participation. 
  • Students were encouraged by their mentors not only to participate in various events organized by the institution but also to represent institution in various educational organizations. 
  • Helped students to get road map for their educational and career growth in the competitive world. 

6. Problems encountered and Resources Required 

  • Intangible outcome of this practice can’t be stated statistically. 
  • To retain students’ interest in the distracted temperament of technical-centric epoch is challenging. 
  • Mentors have to spend much time to analyse the learning levels of the mentees and their emotional, social and psychological understanding. 

The practice is instrumental evidence of the institution to widespread its heritage to young minds. It provides varied opportunities for the students to accomplish academic and cultural excellence.