Title: Human Values and Life Skills development education for healthy social integration.
 To inculcate ethical, moral, social and environmental values.
 Develop and nurture positivity.
 Understand issues concerning sexuality and gender.
 Self-management at interpersonal and societal levels.

The context

Lack of values such as harmony, peace and compassion is perceived in the current social and political context. So it is imperative to reinforce human values and life skills to equip students to face and counter deterioration of values in society.

The Practice
 Inter religious prayer services mark the beginning of every academic year. Value Education through Life Skills course
 Students make presentation on topics of current relevance.
 Celebrate national festivals to foster patriotism and International students Day for Social Integration.
Evidence of success
 Development of a sense of equality in a conflict free campus. Healthier interpersonal relationship with respect for the other gender .
 Creating a welcoming atmosphere for freshers wherein instances of ragging are almost absent.

Sense of universal brotherhood and religious harmony.
 Reinforce the willingness to accept social responsibilities and participate in voluntary services