Sustaining conducive campus for harmonious coexistence and lifelong learning.

Diversity – Cultural or religious is a ‘bane or boon’ is the question confronting humanity today.  The world of scenario gives a disturbing picture of chaos.  In St. Philomena’s College, diversity is an opportunity to learn and enrich from this very reality.

Every educational institution has a moral obligation to mould the young minds to be global citizen, discovering the goodness in the other, rather than looking for differences to segregate.  One of the core values of the institution is to educate the young people immaterial of their faith and social background.  It is indeed challenging to execute the mission in real situations.

The management, faculty and students have specific tasks to be accomplished.

The primary consideration of the management is ‘who are in the campus and not who should be.’  The open policy of admission and employment of the staff is unbiased driven by the motto of social justice and social responsibility.  Creating adequate facilities and maintenance of the campus require sustained effort, commitment, money and manpower.  This is evident from the well equipped ICT enabled classrooms, library and laboratories set in a sprawling green campus.

To develop a curriculum which is relevant and innovative need erudite academicians and scholars.  Pooling the human resources from the campus and experts from the best available resources outside, are put together in this consistent endeavor of the teaching faculty.  Fulfilling the intellectual demands of the students is done with passion and commitment.  The teachers are well aware of their responsibility of imparting the right values in a fragile social order.  Hence politics, religion or sensational social issues are dealt with extreme caution and sensitivity in the classrooms.  This in turn ensures the harmonious coexistence and respect for diversity among the students.

The green ambience and heritage structures situated with ample open space and canopy of green trees is indeed refreshing.  Observe, appreciate and nurture are the guiding principles in sustaining the environment.

Sustained effort is put in by the dedicated employees with the support of the management in spite being a herculean task with the fast depleting green cover and open space in an around Mysore city, St. Philomena’s Campus is an oasis in keeping with the heritage tag of the city.

Harmony is ingrained in the ethos of the campus, not only as a perception but a living reality.

There is a spontaneous merging and interacting into the unique culture of the campus both by the students and staff.  It is worth highlighting the unique religion and culture which is evolving.  It is the religion of humanity, inclusive of the values lived and practiced by the people of diverse background.

The alumni of the institution and the staff who served for decades and superannuated are ambassadors of the best practices in the campus.

St. Philomena’s Campus and its culture can serve as a model for many other educational institutions.