A Capacity Building Workshop for Teachers

Towards Enhancing Quality of Teaching, Learning and Evaluation in Colleges

–       A Capacity Building Workshop for Teachers


18-20, December, 2017


I.            INTRODUCTION:

Teaching is one of the most demanding vocations in the world and in order to fulfill their important roles with excellence, teachers need training, motivation as well as regular mental, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation. The fact that educational systems the world over recognise the importance of the teacher is often evident by the resources spent on teachers capacity building.  Building an effective model and mechanism that would develop and enhance the teachers’ capacity and provide them avenues for professional development is the need of the hour. With the revolutionary development of technological tools and gadgets and exposure of the students to the modern learning environment, changes in the roles of a teacher have become mandatory. Though a teacher can never be replaced in education, there is a dire need of appreciating the inevitable changes and adopting them in teaching profession.

An institution of higher education always has to cater to this need of teachers and prepare them for the necessary changes and challenges. Overall quality of performance of an academic institution is the product of participation and dedicated teamwork of all the members of the faculty.  This requires constant motivation through various mechanisms which enhance the sense of belongingness and responsibility of the teachers.


The workshop, with the theme, “Towards Enhancing Quality of Teaching, Learning and evaluation in Colleges” is aimed at building the capacity of the teachers on the best global practices.
The workshop aims to enrich teachers’ academic knowledge and pedagogical methods in subject areas, to move towards a skill based curriculum, to focus on learning with understanding, for teachers to understand assessments and design good questions, to differentiate between mechanical and conceptual learning, for teachers and administration to understand the performance data and identify the learning gaps to name a few.

With this objective, the management of St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysore is organising a Three days workshop on Capacity building for Teachers on 18th, 19th, 20th December, 2017.


v  Higher Education in the current scenario vis-a vis autonomy.

v  Curriculum design and development in the present context.

v  Understanding CBCS  basics/ Internal  Assessment / Summative Assessment and grading

v  Recent trends in Teaching, learning and evaluation

v  Best practices in Higher Education Institutions (with few examples)

v  Use of ICT in Higher Education


v  To focus on a pedagogy which will ensure transition from a traditional lecture –based, instructor-centered learning to a dynamic, and participant –centered, multi-sensory learning format which is expected to accelerate learners acquisition of knowledge and skill.

v  To enhance the sense of personal contribution in improving the curriculum and thus the performance of the institution

v  To understand and appreciate the need to enhance the curriculum and handle new challenges.

v   To understand the need for best practices in HEI and to participate in such best practices with self motivation.


Teaching faculty of arts, science, commerce, management and   languages of St. Philomena’s College.


REGISTRATION: 18TH DECEMBER 2017(09:30a.m. to 10.00a.m).