The College has established a full fledged media studio to give hands on training to the students of Journalism and B.Voc (Media & Entertainment).The facility available in the studio can also be shared with the college faculty members for the academic purposes like recording e-content, editing documentary videos, dubbing etc.The following guidelines will facilitate the maximum utilization of the studio.


  1. Prior appointment to be taken for recording e-content.
  2. If the content is connected to the college or academics should be edited and certified by the concern authority.
  3. The certified e-content should be mailed to [email protected] the Production Control Room (PCR) in-charge before seven days recording.
  4. The concerned faculty has to do all the corrections before the output is exported. Re-editing is not permitted.
  5. A copy of the recorded e-content will be delivered in a CD .
  6. The studio won’t take any responsibility in storing recorded content.
  7. White board with marker will be provided.

To record e-content:

  1. Well prepared short script restricted to 5-6 modules with clear title and supporting audio, video, graphics, photographs, good practice with about 100 words per minute per minute speech delivery, enough precautions to avoid dry mouth, nervousness and sweating will make the recording clear and effective.
  2. Conclude the e-content by giving references,links for additional information .
  3. Clothing that makes you feel good about yourself (Avoid green color as the studios backdrop screen is green) will draw the attention of the viewers.
  4. Speech delivery and body language shall synchronize. Natural voice and tone with smiley eyes give pleasant and effective delivery of the e-content.

Please support us

By keeping the time schedule and availability for 3-4 hours at a stretch to complete the recording with a sense of gratitude to the studio staff. Mobile phones, bags , costly items are the restricted items inside the studio.