Vision is a journey to the destination and mission is the path. Dharma is the lifetime endeavor and day to day activities constitute the karma. The narratives may sound different but the ultimate aim is the ‘good of humanity’ for an education institution. The distinctiveness of St. Philomena‘s College is the experience of the people in the campus and the calibre of the graduates. The feasibility of realizing the vision is the collective responsibility of the management, staff, students, the alumni and the parents. Concerted efforts are put in  to sustain the bonding among the various stakeholders. In keeping with the exigencies of the time there is an operative system in place to ensure the core values of the institution quality-based education without any distinction:

With the open admission policy, opportunity is created for the aspiring young people to empower themselves in a diverse setting. Before the pandemic restrictions around the world, heterogeneity among the students was rich. At a time there were students from more than 30 countries, mainly developing nations and girl students from highly orthodox background students from almost all the states of India especially the north-eastern states remote regions of India from Tibetan settlements, farmers’ children, poor students from the locality as well as students from well-off families both financially and educationally.

The institution attracts people of diverse background because of the prevailing conducive atmosphere of the campus and the inclusive mindset of the management and staff. The parents are confident that their wards receive good education and come out as confident, global citizens. Teaching not just from books but with the life experience;

Education has a vital campus component as well as significant social aspect. With the available opportunities both these components need to be balanced.

And applicable and all encompassing curriculum, delivered in a blended mode by team of competent teaching faculty is ensured. The assignments, projects, debates, situation and case study analysis are all with the social dimension. By creating awareness about the social scenario the young people are bound to form a mindset which will reflect in their life and actions

 The diverse background of the students and the prevailing unique culture and humanity in the campus and with healthy interactions and mutual respect students pick up the best from the other.

Sessions on subjects like Environmental Studies, Life Coping Skills and Indian Constitution specifically deal with the socio, cultural and economic realities outside the campus. The exposure programmes of  the NCC, NSS, Red Cross, Social Work and Nature Club are all aimed at providing hands-on experience with the villagers, slum developers and people with special needs producing intellectual strong, socially useful and emotionally stable global citizens.

The vision statement is realized by adapting to the exigencies of the time and challenges.  To cater to the intellectual needs of the students and evolving curriculum with a futuristic as well as contemporary in nature need to be in place. Our curriculum is designed with the vision of delving into deeper knowledge and research. A highly resourceful Academic Council members who meet and deliberate in depth and subject experts to frame the syllabus and shared this.

A team of well informed and competent teachers who handle the sessions make sure that information and knowledge pooled from all quarters and disbursed in a hybrid mode.

The unique program on Life Coping Skills mandatory for every student ensures a human face to education. The syllabus and the delivery in the most unconventional way ensure the personal development of the student on all fronts especially the emotional stability.

There are ample means to update the knowledge and information with the library facility collection of valuable books, Inflibnet, e-resources are at the disposal of students and teachers. Both the academic and cultural activities encourage team work which is important in healthy mingling and exchange of ideas. Dealing with people of opposite sex in most professional terms and exchange of thoughts or the measures to develop emotional intelligence skills. Both students and teachers attend academic, cultural and sports events organized outside the campus by various agencies  and universities. This gives them better exposure and wider vision.

Education in St. Philomena‘s College true to its vision provides ample opportunities to groom themselves into global citizens while living a fulfilling personal life and fruitful social life.