10th April 2023

Date: 10th April 2023                                                                 Time: 9:30 AM

Venue: Indoor Stadium, St. Philomena’s College, Mysuru


Organization of the Orientation Program before the commencement of the semester provides an illustrative and constructive perception to transcend the students from unknown to known academic activities to rebuild robust and academic intellectual engagement. The program aims in fostering and familiarizing the students to take effective participation in the institution’s academic, sports and cultural programs to accomplish excellence in various sectors. The program was academic assistance to get accustomed with the educational transition system and aware of the Educational New Policy and Framework without giving scope for the academic confusions and problematic situation.


  • To make an essential academic network with the student community to embrace the institutional changes and challenges.
  • To provide academic flexibility.
  • To promote, inform and incorporate changes in the educational system for the students.
  • The academic platform for the foreseeable activities of the institution.


The Orientation Program for the UG students was successfully embarked and unveiled with the gracious presence of Dr. Bernard Prakash Barnis, Rector of St. Philomena’s Educational Institutions, Rev. Fr. Maria Xavier Sunil, the Vice Rector, Rev. Fr. Praveen K Gregory, Campus Administrator, Rev. Fr. Christopher S J, Assistant Rector,  Dr. Ravi J D Saldanha, Principal, Mr. V Sanjay Nair, Vice Principal- Academic, Mr. Ronald Prakash Cutinha, Vice- Principal- Administration, Mr. A Thomas Gunaseelan, IQAC Coordinator, Mr. M Nagaraj Urs, the Academic Dean and Miss. Lydia Vandana, Controller of the Examinations in the Indoor Stadium. Dr. Deepa V, Assistant Professor, Department of BBA welcomed the dignitaries and the gathering for the captivating semester commencement.

The first session was handled by Dr. Ravi J D Saldanha, Principal of our college about the transcending educational system and new policies adapted in the college for the even semester. He introduced newly appointed administrative officials and faculty members to the students and congratulated them. He stated the college will be instituting a digital mode of communication for the effective deployment of e-governance, the ERP Attendance Portal and he emphasized the transition is a continuous process and an aspect of the contemporary educational system. He elaborated on important offices and departments, implementation of extra credit in mark cards for the Value Added Courses and instructed the students to go for the optimum utilization of the facilities that the institution provides. He highlighted the usage of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and rules and regulations were instructed to be followed by the students. He emphasized the effective implementation of the ERP module and the students should adhere to the mandatory attendance of 75% for the minimum eligibility to appear for the semester examination.

The second session was effectively engaged by Mr. N Nagaraj Urs, the Academic Dean on “NEP 2023 Programs and Framework” and he illustrated new guidelines and the importance of credits essential and CGPA Analysis. He explained the continuous comprehensive evaluation and criteria for scoring passing marks in NEP 2020 framework. He advised the students to confiscate the opportunities to attain academic excellence to mark institutional glory.

Miss. Peria Nayagammal S, Physical Education Director stated the magnificent function of sports for the holistic development of the students in any educational institution and advised the students to adhere to the attendance rules and regulations and informed about the class timings. Dr. Alphonsus D’Souza, Associate Professor of Chemistry and UUCMS Coordinator instructed the students to have awareness of UUCMS usage, checking Internal Assessment Marks and Course Registration procedures. Mr. Ronald Prakash Cutinha, Vice-Principal- Administration reiterated the tremendous transition through the ERP system for uninterrupted academic activities.

The organized Orientation Program helped to accomplish the institution’s essence to convey new educational transformation and instruct students to adhere to rules and regulations for a conducive-oriented environment.