Orientation Program for academic year 2017-2018

An orientation program for the academic year 2017-2018 for the I degree students, in the indoor stadium from June 15-17, 2017.

In the 1st session prof. K.S. Suresh, Principal of the J.S.S Law College, spoke about Anti-Ragging. He said ” we don’t have law on Ragging in Karnataka. But UGC set up rules to stop ragging in educational institutions and Universities. Ragging means forcing or causing problems  physically or mentally. Ragging is the problem of Indian colleges  in neighboring countries like  Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Mysuru is not notorious for ragging. Inferiority complex make people to commit crimes like ragging.

Prof. K.S Suresh, CEO of JSS College is delivering the lecture on ‘Ragging’

Prof. Suresh said “Dress like how you want to but with decency and responsibility.” Parents must care for their children. “Listening is a great art”, “All are equal but some are more in India” and “No University teaches us how to live.”

He said “Indians do not know about India”. We have 2,750 castes, 26 official languages, over 3,000 languages spoken  and over 600 political parties in India. India is not a country or continent,  it’s a world.

      The 2nd session started with prayer service. Rector Rev.Fr. Leslie Moras conducted the prayer service.

Rev. Fr. Leslie Moras, Rector and Prof. Ruth Shantha Kumari, Principal leading a prayer service

Prof. N.N Prahalad  a retired Education professor from R.I.E, who spoke later said “I want to become like you but it’s not possible, If anyone asks who are you? first you should say I am a world citizen then country citizen lastly native citizen.”

Prof. N.N Prahalad a retired Education professor from R.I.E

His topic was Importance of  Higher Education. Professor says Education helps to think. Thinking is a process, thinking makes inking, means we can easily write. Teachers can give only information, through that students have ability to get knowledge. Even a new born baby has processing capacity. A leader is a good reader. Students have to improve their communication skills like Listening, Non-Verbal Communication, Clarity on topic, Friendliness, Confidence, Empathy, Respect and Feedback.

 He said “Beauty is not important, duty is important.” , “College life is a golden period in our life.”, “Don’t be a pessimist, be an optimist in life.”, “Your energy must be channeled in a positive way.”

          The Second day second session was handled by Prof Seby Mavely Vice principal of De Paul College. In which he shared some views about IQ(Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient). By Comparing these two ideas which is implanted in every human being he stated success won’t bring happiness to life and you can only achieve it through love and peace. When IQ make you comfortable with its intelligent analysis and predictions EQ brings a man to completeness which gives meaning to one’s life. As per reports a man needs 80% of EQ and 20% of IQ.

Prof. Seby Mavely Vice principal of De Paul College

The afternoon session was handled by Manoj a motivational speaker. The session was lively and humorous. By breaking the monotony of lecture sessions he conveyed the message that everyone should understand ‘Life is Simple’. The interaction with audience and mimicry gave the session a standup comedy atmosphere which ended up in a beautiful song with a message in it. Smile is the reflection of your mind and everyone should be comfortable with their smile, he explained negative, neutral and positive smiles.

Manoj a motivational speaker

                In the 3rd session Prof. Niranjan vanalli, Registrar, Music & Performing Arts University  spoke on the topic  ‘Traits of good personality’. I am ‘what’, ‘I’ communicate, we are what we are when nobody looking at us. Every action speaks your personality and your communication improves your personality. This day(Today) will not come any time in your life, so it’s better to live like there is no tomorrow, as if you want to improve our tomorrow, live today. International students should meet more people, understand the culture as much as possible to improve their personality. He asked the students to imbibe the following points in their life – Curiosity of a cat, Watchful like a dog, Observe with innocence like that of a child, Braveness of a soldier.

Prof. Niranjan vanalli, Registrar, Gangubai Hanagal Music & Performing Arts University

One more speaker Sushma Appaiah C.E.O. Of Giggles of Livez (Golz) spoke on human nutrition which is a major challenge for young adults now a days. She said dietary habits & specific food plays a significant role in the treatment & prevention of many health disorders. The way you set your nutrition plan in your adulthood it will help you to lead a healthy life. Skipping breakfast is not advisable. Drinking less water and fasting will not help you to be in zero size rather it will haunt you in the form some ailment after some years. Ms. Sushma Appaiah gave some simple steps to right nutrition.

Sushma Appaiah C.E.O. Of Giggles of Livez

College Principal prof. Ruth Shantha kumari, the Rector Rev. Fr. Leslie Moras, staff members and I degree students attended the function.