About the department

The department of philosophy of St Philomena’s College (autonomous) was established in the year 2014. Philosophy could be chosen as one of the three major courses for a BA degree.

The course is divided into ten papers that are spread out as one each paper in the first four semesters, and in the fifth and the sixth semester, three each paper.

The syllabus tries to make a blend between the eastern and the western thought of philosophy.


The objective of the course is to introduce students to various types of philosophical thoughts found all over the world.

We live in a land of sage, rushis, munis, great scriptures etc. A deeper study on what our culture gives will help to build a mature and harmonious society. Therefore, Indian philosophy with all its diversity will contribute a great deal to the modern students.

One will appreciate to go through the western philosophical thought which has been the foundation of the western society. Great thinkers of the west have tried to know the reality in a unique way. When our students get familiarized with these thoughts of the west, they will be richer in their knowledge and the ability to accept diverse cultures and live a good social life.

With this in mind the faculty has divided the courses and developed the syllabus.

The course will not only help students to widen their intellectual horizon, but also for their further and higher education in other departments.



Name & Designation Qualification Specialization Experience Publications – (2013 onwards)
Oswald Crasta MA: Karnataka University, Dharwad

PhD: Angelicum, Rome

Philosophy 5 Years
Assistant Professor
Dominic Vas MA: Karnataka University, Dharwad

PhD: Bangalore University

Philosophy 5 Years
Guest faculty
Pradeep Pinto MA: JDV, Pune Philosophy 2 Years
Guest Faculty


  • Semester I – Paper 1 – Logic: Western and Indian
  • Semester II – Paper 2 – History of Western Philosophy: Ancient and Modern
  • Semester III – Paper 3 – Indian Philosophy: Vedic and Non-Vedic Schools
  • Semester IV – Paper 4 – Contemporary Western and Indian Philosophy
  • Semester V – Paper 5 – Philosophy of Nature and Science
  • Semester V – Paper 6 – Philosophy of Knowledge
  • Semester V – Paper 7 – Philosophy of Man
  • Semester VI – Paper 8 – Philosophy of Being
  • Semester VI – Paper 9 – Philosophy of Religion
  • Semester VI – Paper 10 – Ethics