The Department of Biochemistry

 A Brief History:

The Department of Biochemistry came into existence in the year 1995 and was attached to the Chemistry Department since then. Since its inception, the department has been imparting the highest level and quality of academic education. The services of the faculty members of Chemistry Department are also utilized on honorary basis during their leisure time so that their valuable suggestions help the incumbent staff and students. The students have the option to choose biochemistry with biotechnology & Microbiology (BtBMb) combination. The department has maintained a good academic standard and the results in the university examinations have been invariably excellent. This is the major aspect of attracting students from all over the country and abroad. After the college attained the autonomous status in 2009, the department has the academic flexibility in framing the syllabus and conducting examinations. The syllabus is periodically modified to accommodate advanced trendsin Biochemistry.

Present Faculty :

Achievements :

The Department has a past record of organizing a few conferences/seminars in association with chemistry Department and is also planning to organize a few seminars/conferences of national and international level in the near future. The Department is also engaged in extension activities. One of the faculty members Ms. Lydia Vandana has been credited with a minor research project from UGC.

Future Plan of Action :

 An M.Sc. programme in Biochemistry is the future plan of the department.

  • To tie up with the Industries and to carry out some projects by the students.
  • To carry out major revision in the Curriculum after studying the curriculum of the top Universities/ Colleges.
  • To introduce project work as one of the practical papers in the V & VI semesters.
  • Tie-up with the industry-making internship as part of the project work.
  • Organizing at least one seminar /conference /workshop per semester.
  • Authoring and publishing biochemistry books/question bank based on present curriculum.