About Sociology Department

A brief History

The department of Sociology was initially nurtured and taken care of by Prof. M.V. John. He had an eminent French man Fr. Jacques Didier as his colleague, who joined the department in 1957 after his Postgraduate degree in Sociology from the Gregorian University in Rome. He spent almost twenty five years of his life in the campus and was quite creative in his teaching methodology. He used in those days tools like the slide shows in the class rooms to teach challenging topics like fossil bones as clues on the evolution of man, physical and cultural anthropology etc. There was indeed unflinching cooperation and friendship between him and Prof. M.V. John in their teaching career. Both of them steered the department exceedingly well. But in 1982, Fr. Jacques Didier had to leave suddenly for San Francisco with a new position to work as a vibrant member of the Foreign Missionaries of Paris. Owing to voluntary retirement, the vacancy was filled in by Mr. Raphael. Prof. M.V. John continued his service till he superannuated in 1984. Mr. Joseph Mathew who was an old student of the college got into the shoes of Prof. M.V. John in the same year after his postgraduate studies in Sociology. Since then, the department started growing steadily in the safe hands of these young and energetic teachers. Prof. M. Raphael worked as the HoD of the department for a pretty long time till his retirement in 2014. After his exit, Prof. Joseph Mathew has become the be-all and end-all of the department.


Sl. No.


Name of the Institute/University

Date & Duration


1 day seminar organized by department of sociology on “RURAL SOCIETY IN TRANSITION”

St. Philomena’s College


29th Sep 2004


1 day seminar organized  by department  of sociology   on “EMERGING CHALLENGES IN URBAN SOCIETY”

St. Philomena’s College


1st Oct 2005


2 day state level  5th Karnataka Sociology Conference organized on “CRISIS IN RURAL  KARNATAKA ”

St. Philomena’s College


28th  & 29th  Dec 2005


One day inter colligate seminar on  “ RURAL INDIA CROSS ROAD AT 21ST CENTURY PERSPECTIVE”

Department Of Sociology ,

St .Philomena’s, Mysore

30th September 2006


1 Day workshop  on


St. Philomena’s College


6th  January



1 Day Seminar organized by Department of Sociology  on




18th March 2008


1day seminar organized by the Department of Sociology on “CYBER CRIMES AND CYBER LAWS”

St. Philomena’s College


4th Nov 2009



  1. Department organizes study tours workshops (seminar) national and state level seminar


  1. Student profile-  entry level with distinction PUC level ,students from both middle and lower middle class background admitted to the course. students with fluency in English language studying. Medium of instruction is English. Miss Pupul student of final B.A awarded gold medal in sociology


  1. From annual system to semester system new courses, electives are introduced. Students to enable them to gain entry into different  fields. Organized workshops in the college for this purpose and participated in the formation of the syllabus.


  1. Computers: PowerPoint and multimedia projector teaching special lectures and talks are organized by inviting experts to the college department. Department library is maintained and issues books for students.