About Political Science Department

A brief history
The department of Political Science began its journey from the very outset of the college in the year 1946 and is marching on successfully all these years. The eminent professors of the department in the chronological order are
            Prof. P.M. Francis.          Prof. P.T Joseph           Prof. Joy Sebastian
Present Faculty :
Asst. Professor
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Ms.Panchama SN
Asst. Professor
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Achievements :
The department prepares the students to face the challenges and actively contributes to the higher education, animates and motivates them for social transformation. It helps to promote national integration and social harmony in dialogue with the problems which had happened before and even occur sometimes today. Training through class room lectures and tutorials, seminars, group discussion and debates, the department is making the students develop their mental capacity to live in the competitive world with the Aristotle’s dictum: Life is not mere living, but living well”
Future Plan of Action :

1. To introduce more Diploma courses on Human Rights, E-Governance & International Relations.

2. To undertake Research Activities.

3. To undertake community development activities.

4. To publish a book on Human Rights.

5. To conduct interdisciplinary Seminars.

6. To encourage students to strive for paper presentations in Seminars.

7. To introduce Practicals in Political Science.

8. To contribute new tools in the Growth of  our Constitution.

9. To introduce papers on E-governance, Basic law for Political Scientist & Intellectual Property Rights, Journalism for Political Scientist.