A brief history
After the establishment of a chair in Christianity by the erudite priest and yogi Dr. D. S. Amalorpavadas in the University of Mysore, the department of Christianity was born at St. Philomena’s College in the year 1981. A very influential, talented young professor from Bangalore Rev. Fr. Joseph Abraham did a marvelous pioneering work for the department and placed it on the right track of progress.Rev. Fr. Alfred Mendonca took up the role of spearheading the department for almost 3 decades from 1982 to 2009 by his laudable and commendable work.
Present Faculty :
Achievements :
The Department engages in scientific comparative study of religions with a spiritual approach to the social, economic and political perspectives of the Indian reality. It takes care to promote national integration and social harmony in dialogue with other cultures and ideologies and motivates the students to take up advanced studies and research in Christian and Indian Spirituality in a secular, multi-religious and inter-disciplinary context. It encourages its students to have Ashram experience by visiting Anjali Ashram in Mysore and different places of worship. Besides, it has offered outreach programmes to old age homes, Mother Theresa Charitable Institutions and orphanages to inculcate the spirit of compassion, sympathy and empathy for the marginalized and the poor. It has organized picnics to various places of interest with the sole motive of fostering team spirit and fellow feeling among its students.
Future Plan of Action :
In compliance with what Mother Theresa said: “God does not require us to succeed, but he only requires that we try,” the department is sincerely making an attempt
1. to start an MA course in Christianity
2. to have Seminars and Special Lectures
3. to have more study tours as a part of academics
4. to have an effective syllabus for the study of Christianity
5. to motivate the students to diffuse value education and the spirit of service to humanity.

Present Faculty:

Mr.Joel J
Asst. Professor
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