1 Name  


2 Designation Professor and Head, PG English  
3 Department


Postgraduate Department of English  
4 Qualification


M.A. Ph.D. and Diploma in French Specialization: The Metaphysical Poetry  
5 KSET/NET/PhD Ph.D. in English Literature “The Cosmic Vision in the Poetry of Henry Vaughan”  June 29, 2006  
6 email ID [email protected] / johnsiluvai.arputham@gmail,com


7 Experience

( no. of years)


43 years


5 years

Work Experience

2 years in Chennai

41 years in Mysore

8 Details of seminars/conferences/workshops attended.

( Fill in the chronological order )

9 Sl. No. Conferences/Seminars


Name of the Institute/University Date & Duration  
  01 Participated in the workshop on “Self-Instructional Materials Development for B.A. / B.Com programmes KSOU, Mysore 07- 02 –2001

One Week

  02 Organized one day intercollegiate Seminar on “Twentieth Century Drama and Fiction” St. Philomena’s College 09 – 03- 2001

One day

  03 Organized one day Symposium on   “Poetry as an Educator” St. Philomena’s College 30-10 – 2008

One day

  04 Participated in the International Conference on ‘Climate Change” and adjudged the best paper presentation out of 32 entries. St. Philomena’s College


9th to 11th April, 2015

Three days

  05 Organized one day intercollegiate Seminar on “E. M. Forster Revisited” St. Philomena’s College 18- 02 – 2016

One day

  06 Participated in the workshop on “Autonomy and Curriculum Enhancement” St. Philomena’s College 20 –02 – 2016

One day

  07 Participated in the International Interdisciplinary Conference on “Knowledge Partnership to Advance UN Sustainable Development Goals” St. Philomena’s College


17 – 18, November, 2017

Two days

  08 Organized one day intercollegiate Seminar on “Literary Theories” St. Philomena’s College 28- 02 – 2018

One day

  09 Organized a Two day Regional Intercollegiate Philos Literary Fest (PLF) at St. Philomena’s College,


St. Philomena’s College 5th and 6th February, 2020

Two days

  10 Participated in Two-Day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Teaching and Learning IQAC of St. Philomena’s College and SDMIMD, Mysore 2nd and 3rd July, 2019

Two days

  11 Organized a Three Day Webinar on “English Poetry, Our Educator.” St. Philomena’s College 10th to 12th June 2020

Three days

  12 Attended the national Webinar on “The Pandemic in English Literature” Don Bosco College, Golaghat, Assam in collaboration with St. Philomena’s College 18 – 07- 2020

One day

  13 Attended the National Webinar on  “Developing Writing Skills” Milagres College, Mangalore (Dept. of English) 29 – 07- 2020

One day

  14 Participated in the International Webinar on “The Pandemic and the Future of Capitalism” St. Aloysius College, Mangalore 13- 08 –  2020

One day

  15 Organized and Performed as Resource Person for all 6 Sessions of the National Webinar on  “ A Three Day Crash Course for UGC- NET English” 2nd to 4th September 2020 St. Philomena’s College 2nd to 4th September 2020

Three days

10 Papers Presented at various conferences/Seminars.

( Fill in the chronological order )

  SL. No. Title of the paper Conference/Seminar & Place Dates  
  01 “The Impact of Freudian Theories on 20th century English Poetry” International Seminar at St. Francis de Sales College, Electronic city, Bengaluru 24th January, 2017


  02 “Called to Joy: Encouragement for Priestly Life” Symposium at the Pallottine Theologate (Prabodhana), Mysore 18th February, 2018  
11 Acted as a Resource Person seminars/conferences/workshops.

( Fill in the chronological order )

  SL. No. College/ University Topics Date  
  01 St. Joseph’s B.Ed. College, Jeyalakshmipuram, Mysore “Communication Skills” 7thApril, 2014  
  02 St. Francis de Sales College, Electronic city, Bengaluru “Influence of NeoFreudian Theories in 20th century Literature” 24th January, 2017


  03 International Institute of Spirituality,Dhyanavana,  R.S.Naidunagar, Mysore “A Call to the Religious to confront the Challenges of today” 19th March, 2017  
  04 Orientation Programme a) for PG Teachers, St. Philomena’s College

b) for First Year Degree Students

“Communication Skills” 5th and 12th July 2018

20th July, 2018

  05 Vincentian Provincialate, Belavady,  Mysore “A layman’s perspective of Priests today” 25th January, 2019.  
  06 National Webinar, St.Philomena’s College, PG Dept. of English “English Poetry, Our Educator.”


10th to 12th June, 2020  
  07 National Webinar, Don Bosco College, Golaghat in collaboration with St.Philomen’s College, Mysore “The Poetic Perception of the Pandemic COVID-19”  

18th July, 2020

  08 A Three Day Webinar Crash Course on UGC-NET English in the Domain of Poetry and Drama Session-I: The Age of Chaucer (1340 -1400)

Session-2:The Elizabethan Age

  09               Day 2 Session-3:The Restoration / The Neo-classical / Augustan Age

Session-4: The Romantic Age

  10               Day 3 Session-5:The Victorian Age

Session-6:The Modern Age

4thSeptember  2020  
12 Awards and Recognition  
  Sl. No. Awards / Recognition University or Any Organization Date  
  01 Recognition that my Thesis  on “The Cosmic Vision in the Poetry of Henry Vaughan” should be published in its original form Berhampur University 29 – 06 – 2006  
  02 Adjudication of a Ph.D Thesis as an External Examiner Kuvempu University, Shankaraghatta-577451 Shimoga. 12- 01 – 2022