Designation:  HOD, Associate professor

Department:  Physics

Qualification: M.Sc

Specialization:  Electronics

email ID:  [email protected]

Experience: Teaching – 33 Years


Details of seminars/conferences/workshops attended.

  Sl. No. Conferences/Seminars


Name of the Institute/University Date & Duration
  01 1 day State level Seminar on “Aims of Higher Education – Grant-in-Aid System” organised by

MUPCTA, Mysore

St. Philomena’s College, Mysore. 21st  March 2003
  02 One day State level seminar on “Autonomy to Colleges” on 26th February 2005 organised by the

Teachers’ Association

St. Philomena’s College, Mysore. 26th  February 2005
  03 State Level Seminar on Frontiers of Physics in association with Indian Academy of Sciences St. Philomena’s College, Mysore and. 17-18th  February 2006
  04 UGC Sponsored Two days state level seminar on emerging trends in liquid crystals and coordination compounds St. Philomena’s College, 21- 22nd  August 2009
  05 UGC sponsored one day State level seminar on “Big Bang and Particle Physics – Cosmic Connection”


JSS College for women, Chamarajanagar. 31st  March 2010
  06 Two days regional level seminar on Photonics and Electronics is association with FPET St. Philomena’s College, Mysore. 03-04th  February 2011



National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD) and National Center for Photo voltaic Research and Education

IIT Bombay

SJCE, Mysore. 12-22nd  Dec 2011
  08 One day workshop on Telescope making in association with Mysore Science Foundation St. Philomena’s College, (Autonomous), Mysuru. 27th Feb 2013
  09 RAAM 2015 UGC Sponsored  National


St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 22- 23rd  Jan 2015


  10 Three Day State Level Lecture Workshop on Astronomy and Astrophysics, in association with IIA, Bangalore St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 11- 13th  Feb 2015
  11 Inter zonal women sports meet of UOM St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 20- 22nd Feb2015
  12 State level seminar on” Emerging trends in Medicinal Chemistry” St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 10th  March 2015
  13 National conference in journalism St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 26th March 2015
  14 Three days International Conference on “Climate Change – Inconvenient Truths status and move forward” St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 9-11th  April 2015
  15 UGC Sponsored Two day national conference on “myths and facts about lifestyle diseases St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru 03- 04th Aug 2015
  16 Two day Benefits of nuclear and material sciences in day to day life, organized by UOM and Indian Nuclear Society University of Mysore and Indian Nuclear society. 21-22nd  Aug 2015
  17 Karnataka State level conference on Autonomous Colleges-issues , prospects and challenges Mangalore University 20- 21st Nov 2015
  18 Workshop on curriculum improvement organized byIQAC St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 20th  Feb 2016
  19 One day lecture programme on Condensed Matter Physics in association with RRI, Bangalore St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous),  Mysuru. 29th  Feb 2016
  20 Stage show on “Fascinating Experiments in Science” conducted by Prof. B.D. Chakra Deo, IIT, Mumbai St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 19th  Aug 2016
  21 Science Academies’ Three Day Lecture workshop on “Some Advanced Topics In Condensed Matter Physics” St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru 22-24th  Sept 2016
  22 16 days Refresher Course on “Experimental physics” St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 14February -1March


  23 Special lecture on “Gravity, Gravitational waves and Quantum Mechanics” St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 21st July2017
  24 “Knowledge Partnerships to Advance UN Sustainable Development Goals”

an Interdisciplinary Conference in association with Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) University Network

SIAM University, Thailand

Chulalongkorn University Global Network (CGN), Thailand. Trans Disciplinary University

The Sustainability Platform (TSP)

St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru.


17-18th  Nov 2017
  25 Science Academies’ two-week refresher course in Quantum Mechanics


  17–31st  Dec 2017
  26 Science Academies’ Three Day Lecture workshop on  “Frontiers in Astronomy” St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 17-19th  Feb 2018
  27 29th Mid-Year Meeting of the Indian Academy of Sciences Indian Academy of sciences 28-30th  June 2018
  28 Indian Academy of sciences Three day Lecture workshop on

“Quantum Information and



St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 18-20th  Aug 2018
  29 One day Lecture workshop on

“Some Special topics in


St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 20th  Nov 2018
  30 Indian Academy of sciences’

Three day Lecture workshop on

“Quantum Statistics-Theory

and Experiment”

St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru 15-17th  Feb 2019
  31 Special Lecture on

“Liquid Crystals: Life, Science and Technology”

St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 12th  Oct 2019


  32 “Demonstration of some Science Experiments”

to High School and Pre-University Students in association with Bhramara Trust of Y.T, Mysuru.

St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 19th  Oct  2019


  33 Special Lecture on

“Some Applications of Cryogenics”

St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 24th  Oct  2019


  34 Special Lecture  on

“Current Scientific Challenges to Humankind and Nature: Address Them and Win Nobel Prize”.

St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 31st  Jan 2020


  35 Special Lecture


“The Many faces of Entropy”

St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 28th  Feb 2020


  36 “National Science Day 2020


St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 28th  Feb 2020


  37 Special Lecture

On LASER Cooling of Atoms”

St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysuru. 07th  March 2020


Acted as a Resource Person seminars/conferences/workshops.

  S. No. College/ University Topics Date
  01 SarvashikshaAbhiyan IGNOU New Delhi, interactive talk at Gyanavani, Mysore. Teaching concepts in science using real life situation. 12-05-2012
  03 SarvashikshaAbhiyan IGNOU New Delhi, interactive talk at Gyanavani, Mysore. Teaching and learning techniques in science 13-05-2012

Awards and Recognition

S. No. Awards / Recognition University or Any Organization Date
01 Certificate of excellence National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD) and National Center for Photo voltaic Research and Education

IIT Bombay

12-22 Dec 2011