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Masters in Mathematics  
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8 Details of seminars/conferences/workshops attended.
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  01 Mathematics Practical I (CBCS)


St Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysore 6th July 2018
  02 Mathematical Combinatorics and its Applications


Bharathi college, KM Doddi 29th September 2018
  03 Mathematics Practical II (CBCS)


JSS College Arts, Science and Commerce, Mysore 19th December 2018
  04 International Conference on Number theory and Graph Theory


University of Mysore 27th -29th June 2019(3 days)
Webinar on Preparing for online learning
Sacred Heart College 27th May 2020 (90 minutes)
  06 FDP on SCILAB- An open source substitute for MATLAB JNUTH College of Engineering and IIT Bombay 25th May to 30th May 2020(1 week)
  07 CSIR problem solving techniques in Algebra and Analysis


St Joseph’s College, Thiruchirapalli 17th and 18th June 2020
  08 International conference on Number Theory Bengaluru City university 28th and 29th October 2020(2 days)
  09 Research trends in Physical Science NIE FGC, Mysore 15th -22nd January 2021 (7 days)
  10 Number theory and its application Gates Institute of Technology, Andhra Pradesh 14th – 19th June 2021(1 Week)
  10 Life of PI St Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysore 14th March 2022