About Tamil Department

A brief History

The department of Tamil started from the very inception of the college in 1946. There were students opting Tamil as the second language as they came from border areas of Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Surprisingly there were sizable  students in the early  years of the college who formed a Tamil Sangam engaged both in academic and cultural activities of celebrating regularly Valluvar and Pongal festivals in the campus. The most popular venerable veteran of the department was Prof. R. Chinnanayagar. He was very much assisted by Prof Royal Singh from the department of history. Prof. A Ramadas, known as Tamil Vathiar made his debut in the department in August 1963.He was a very influential teacher, the sole man of the department, a persona grata to his colleagues, admired and loved by his students. It is during his tenure that he regularly conducted the annual singing competition of the soul-stirring poetic piece of “Devaram” instituted by the Maharaja of Mysore. After long and fruitful years of service in Room No: 10 of St. Philomena’s College, he retired on 31st May 1993. After Ramdas, the mantle of steering the Tamil department fell on Seetha, R.

Present Faculty: Prof. Seetha, R. has proved her mettle and strength in her academic career by obtaining a PH.D. Degree in Tamil, and an M.A. degree in English.

Dr.Seetha R
Ass. Professor
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Achievement: The Department has been faithfully following the tradition of celebrating the ‘Pongal’  Festival by organizing a get-together marked by a seminar or a publication of pamphlets to proclaim the rich culture of Tamil literature.