A Brief History:

The departmentof Botany was formed in the year 1946 under the guidance of an eminent professor and guide Prof. Varghese Chandy from 1946 to 1963. He obtained B.Sc. honours from the prestigious and stately Presidency College, Calcutta. He was a great teacher, an artist and was known for his hospitality.

The captainship was handed over to Prof B.N. Narayan Rao from 1963 to 1975. He had a B.Sc. honours and M.Sc. from Central College, Bangalore. He was a silent and sincere worker. After his superannuation, the department was handed over to Rev Fr. Thomas Vazhapally. Rev Fr. Thomas Vazhapally (1976-1979) was an old student of St Philomena’s College and he obtained his M.Sc. degree from St. Xavier’s College, Bombay. He was an expert in Taxonomy and a fatherly figure to all his students. Unfortunately, he suffered a brain hemorrhage and peacefully passed away in the Lord during his service as Principal of the college from 1977 to 1979.

The department was taken over by Prof K.V. Joseph (1979-1990). He was an old student of St. Philomena’s college and obtained his Master’s degree from the University of Mysore. He was a devoted and hardworking teacher and helped students by taking extra coaching classes. He used to take students for Nature studies every Sunday. He was an expertise in taxonomy and physiology.

Prof M.D. Noorul Haq (1990-1997)stepped in to steer the department after Prof K.V.Joseph’s superannuation. After completing his degree from St Philomena’s college, he did his Masters in Central College Bangalore. He was a strict disciplinarian and was instrumental in starting the department of Microbiology as an offshoot of Botany in the year 1994-95. Prof P.J. Gervasis served the department as HOD from 1997-2002. He obtained his Master’s from Kerala University. He was a hardworking and dedicated teacher and took keen interest in the career of his students. After his retirement, he was appointed the course coordinator for P.G courses in Biotechnology by the Management.

Prof Arathi Raghavan was the HOD for a short period from 1.6.2002 to 31.7.2003. She obtained her Master’s degree from Central College, Bangalore. She was a pleasant and good natured person. She initiated the naming of the trees in the campus. The department was taken over by Prof A. l. Maria from 2003 to 2014. She was highly talented, efficient and loved by her students. During her tenure, in 2007 the Botany department was shifted to the new building. The department was designed with new sophisticated infrastructure.

Prof. Lizzy Cyriac was the HOD and served the department from 2014 to 2019. She was an old student of St. Philomena’s College Mysore and obtained her master’s degree from University of Mysore. Her friendly approach and all good human values extended towards the members of the faculty were greatly appreciated.
During her tenure she has labeled all the trees in the campus with their scientific names and upgraded the Botanical garden. She was an expert in Taxonomy.

Present Faculty:


  • A well designed and equipped lab.
  • Well maintained museum.
  • Green house with medicinal, aromatic, and ornamental plants, even some endangered species.
  • Upgraded E-learning.
  • Introduced small research projects for students.

Future Plan of Action:

  • To introduce new electives.
  • To establish a Tissue culture lab and research facilities for staff and students.
  • To induct innovative projects in collaboration with industries.
  • To take up minor / major project cum dissertation as a paper in the final semester.
  • To introduce more class room discussions and presentations.